Potable Water Treatment

As one of our most vital resources, safe drinking water is essential to helping protect public health and improving quality of life in every community.

In many communities, public water safety has been catapulted to the forefront of concern. With awareness of water supply and quality at an all-time high, and regulations becoming more and more stringent, the task of maintaining your infrastructure and ensuring you are using the most effective treatment processes—all while adhering to a tight budget and schedule—becomes ever more challenging. To help you keep these factors under control, you need a consultant partner who knows the regulations, is an expert in treatment systems and plant design, and offers all the resources to ensure the quality of your potable water. Tamkeen Water Treatment evaluates your systems, pathogen test results, and budget to help identify the best technology for your domestic water system. Our professionals’ expertise extends beyond the technical know-how of water treatment facilities and processes. We maintain relationships with regulatory agencies around the country and possess a comprehensive knowledge of their requirements, allowing us to guide you through the complicated regulatory process; we understand your need to employ highly skilled and trained operators, and offer specialized training in the latest membrane treatment plant operations; and our team’s thorough understanding of the true costs of treatment can uncover opportunities for increased efficiency and, more importantly, prepare your system for future treatment upgrades or expansions.